Posted by: whiteagle | January 30, 2016

From I Live Inside this Book I’m Writing

The Final On-going Chapter in the Life of a Lonely Painter

©2016 by Whiteagle aka Will Magnus


Over the years I have created many images, used them to inspire me to write my poems, express my thoughts, essays, even complete my novels, memoirs, and full-page books such as Voices, The Manuscripts, The Sacred Valley of a Thousand Mountains and a small fictional book called Sessions where a psychiatrist and one of his clients find out they had lived together as brothers and as lovers in another lifetime and their sessions together, dealing with hermaphrodism, gay politics, secret codes and other exciting things, you name ‘em….

They have also inspired me to create music for meditation, relaxation and empowerment.  I feel so blessed to have ancestral spirits guide me, including two very well-known authors; James Herlihy, who wrote Midnight Cowboy whom I lived with for nearly seven years and his spiritual muse, Anais Nin, who wrote many books, among them The Delta of Venus.  I  met Anais before she passed to the other side  and she dedicated Collages and The Seduction of the Minotaur to me, who wrote, “To Willy who has found his way out of the labyrinth and has reached the highest level of consciousness…”.  What a blessing!.  There were other important writers and storytellers, too.  I was privileged to go to Tangiers and spend several afternoons with Paul Bowles and Mohammed Mrabet, who helped him revive the ancient Berber language used in Morocco known as Mahgreb. He wrote Under the Sheltering Skies  and The Collected Short Stories of Paul Bowles.  Those books and those authors are considered some of the best literary works of the twentieth century.  He is also one of my muses and now, after many years struggling with image-making, the meditation music I just mentioned and all this storytelling,  this year (2016) is my year for coming out of the closet so to speak and share my work with the rest of the world; “Voices” (my personal memoirs) is about to hit the Internet with CreateSpace and for starters.  I call my work, “I Live Inside These Books I’m Writing and Illustrating”.

Now, with artwork and crafts (feather fetiches, beaded necklaces and abstract prints) nearly finished, I will devote the rest of my time on earth solely to writing.  The crafts and the prints now in the hands of my special “agents” working on “getting them out there”,  I am free to literally devote the rest of my life to writing instead.

Yes, I still have my laptop with original or copyright-free downloads here in the trailer I am living now, images to make more images, mostly abstract tweaking I love to do with Adobe Photoshop, a Pro keys 88 electronic keyboard and drawing/painting supplies with me, but they are now serving me as a hobby instead of trying to make a career out of it;  a means to rest my mind and yet continue to create the writing undisturbed.  Jamie and Anais are helping me do this from the other side, which is a real plus!.

Jamie told me often, when he was alive, that one day I would become a writer and that my work(s) would go viral.  The Internet was young back then, Facebook hadn’t even been invented and I would say, “Oh no, not me.  I could never make the grade his and his literary friends’ books had already reached if I did.”  But now his words are coming to fruition.  I’m not famous yet, and am not sure I want to be, but I am glad for the Internet, for Facebook and Google, for they have become my media and I am enjoying this freedom to write whatever I choose to write about, upload portions of it and keep a running commitment with my followers and this fabulous method (self-publishing) writers now have to “get it out there”.  Folks like myself don’t have to know the right persons/editors in the publishing world anymore to get published, nor have them looking over our shoulder if we do get those great advances.  The money would be great, but that’s not my goal here.

Today is a great time for writers like me to become authors of note without all the fuss, the shmoozing, the back and forth, yes, no, etc., promising authors used to have to deal with.  Let the editors and the publishers come across our work some crazy afternoon while doing their thing flying from here to there…. Sure there are still great publishing houses giving the public (those who like to have books in their hands) what they want, nice fat contracts to the author and maybe just that very thing will happen to me, too.  I could see another “old man and his dog memoirs” become a big hit movie.  Why not!

Jamie’s book, Midnight Cowboy had just such an event happen to it when John Houseman read the book given to him by a friend while on his way to LA one afternoon and felt he had to make a movie out of it.  Of course, that movie  is now a classic right up there with Gone With the Wind  and Paul Bowles’ Under the Sheltering Sky,  Anais’ diaries (she went to a nearby print shop and churned out her own copies at first) are considered to be some of the best literary works of the twentieth century.  I am so blessed to have them by my side.

That said, dear readers, as you read from my timeline (Facebook/Whiteagle Magnus or will.magnus) go to Amazon. com and purchase a copy or two, that you too will be inspired to write and also be empowered in your personal lives by just reading some of my writing.  My next work is a book of poetry, four volumes of poems under the title, “When We Talked to the Trees”.  It too will be self-published this year.  So here now is my “The Final On-going Chapter in the Life of a Lonely Painter”.  That’s what I call this segment of “I Live Inside These Books I’m Writing and Illustrating”  ~ Whiteagle ~

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