Posted by: whiteagle | March 25, 2015

Author Dewey Dirks Thank you!

Small things means so much

Next “Big Thing”, not as such

Pointless wandering

Wanting more

I have enough

I am tough


My art is lovin’ wonder

My heart is full of this

For I never miss a moment

When I can give praise

Raise my hands in prayer

To all the friends aware

That loving words

Become verbs in action

Temples of God-ness and Love

From below and above

To friends like you.

Father Sky and Sun

Mother Earth and Moon

Soon we all will stand

At Heaven’s gate

As long as we wait on The Lord

as the christian folk say

On the Divine Artist and Poet

Others simply call The Way

Inside our heart

The Ancestors swoon

The Animals and Birds

Smiling their way through

The Maze.

Amazing, isn’t it?

This love for one another

Father, Mother Sister and Brother

All of Creation is singing

Sending our songs

To the other sky

Where none need

To ask why they

Believe in Great Spirit

Your spirited godparents

The Universe reveals

All for a simple man like me and you

To know what is sublime

To kneel in reverence

At the sight of

This wondrous light

There to show us The Other Way!

Wado, A’Ho!



  1. Thank you much for posting my work. You have a very good day, D.D.

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