Posted by: whiteagle | May 10, 2010

Things I’ve Been Thinking About Lately

It seems whenever I turn on the radio or the TV and go to my alternative (if you can still call it that) favorites and find both the arts, music and creative idea segments the non-commercial stations with thought-provoking discussions and documentaries used to present are doing more fund-raising than ever before now.  There are more repeats, less in-depth discussions all around  and fewer issues relevant to our current desire for change showing up.  What is left seems less and less infoming us and providing space for us  to contemplate, or offer solutions to the problems facing us. Yes, there is more transparency.  But what is coming out are more lies, more and more illusions and outright fraud.

In the late sixties during the hippie revolution hope was everywhere.  Though the generation was shown to be obsessed with individual freedom, the part that excited me was the idea of community (communes and such) was something society in general was about to embrace.  Yes, we now have natural food stores everywhere, natural clothing, natural this and that.  Even these things were taken as ways to subdue, confuse and numb the masses into even further dependence on corporate interests pretending to be “for the people”.

What happened to the cultural revolution?  What happened to the new “Aquarian age?  Yes according to astrology, capitalism, capital structure (Capricorn) would be replaced by creativity, the arts, the natural world of spirit and innovation (Aquarian).  But it hasn’t happened yet.  My “hope chest” was  diminishing, its contents slowly being removed by others instead of being replenished by me, the owner.

This year in my yearly meditation with the IChing oracle I received the sign “The Roof is about to collapse.  Yet the change in the lines was that “soon, rising out of the rubble, couragous noble warriors and/or people of good intentions will begin repairing the damage done.  In meditating, I almost lost my faith entirely, me being an artist/musician who has spent a lifetime (since the late suxties) devoted to persuing the “Path of Beauty”, hoping my work (and other’s art) would bring us into this new age of community spirit, respecting, honoring and promoting True Brotherhood with Mother Earth, Father Sky and the Universal State of Grace and Unconditional Love for all of Creation.  Other star systems/beings seem to have already figured out this is necessary for survival.

I looked back on my 65 years existence in this lifetime and saw that after reaching its height, the spirit of community was being swept under the rug by commercial (capitalist idealogy) interests and “we were literally stomped on and had to slide back into the system just to survive”.  I was in my late teens, early twenties then and I saw everyone from the Kennedys, Gandhi (and his daughter), Martin Luther King, Malcolm X, John Lennon, just about everyone I had my hope in had been assassinated.  Even Uncle Ike (former President Eisenhower) was booed off the stage when he warned us about the Military-Industrial Complex (MIC) during the Nixon campaign.  By the early seventies the senior Bush/Reagan et all  administrations (made up of the MIC, the new “World Order”—some call The New World Odor) had found their niche and one by one took over.  Now in the year 2010 its clear what has happened:.  As in the IChing oracle about the roof ready to collapse (on world order) it goes on to say the pillars have already crumbled and there is nothing left to hold the roof up.  Collapse is imminent.  Science has also warned us about the actual physical parts of major continental plates/subduction zones on both coasts of the North American continent as well as the central Super-mega found underneath the mantle beneath the Missoula Lake/Yellowstone Geyser area of this country could explode at anytime.  (‘course the mega powers in charge (most of them) right now ignore this  completely, thinking the rich and the powerful won’t be affected.  Yeah right!  (if they are hiding out somewhere on some secret underground safety zone).  Well, there isn’t ANY safety zone  for anyone.  When The River floods (big time) both the mansion on the hill and those who live under the bridge can drown—mother river’s daughter doesn’t make distinctions….)   Plus, if the Pacific or the Atlantic subduction zone areas  of the planets major continental plates begin to slip under each other or jolt each other in a single shift happens….(due to what?  One more digging into the mantle?)  where is my hope?  According to the oracle message, however, there’s still hope.

I then did some more thinking.  The despair/fear of now took 40 years to replace the hope of the late sixties.  Those human forces/corporate dynasties (which many call evil) as powerful as they are today took them a whole generation and part of the next generation (38 years-1968-2010) to accomplish their goal. That “rising out of the rubble scenario” of the Oracle then might mean 2010-2011 is the beginning of the new world. ie, the Aquarian Age of Spirit, Community and Innovation and in about 38 more you might see the NEW WORLD OF WORLD-WIDE COMMUNITY SPIRIT be in full swing just the way people like myself have been working on promoting the last 38 years…IN OTHER WORDS, THE HOPE LIES IN THE HUMAN SPIRIT.  WHEN IT SEES ITS DISASTROUS COURSE ABOUT TO CAUSE COLLAPSE, IT PICKS ITSELF UP AND IN ABOUT 30 TO 40 YEARS IT RESETS ITSELF.  THERE IS WHERE THE HOPE IS!!!!

MY CONCLUSION?  MY HOPE?  KEEP THE FAITH.  KEEP WORKING TOWARDS….KEEP THE PROMOTION OF COMMUNITY SPIRIT ALIVE.  IN THE NEXT GENERATION YOU’LL PROBABLY SEE THE RESULTS.  (‘Course by then I’ll be 103….My mom is 97 and still a walkin.  Maybe I will too, the way we seem to technically be able to live that long…..)


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