Posted by: whiteagle | March 26, 2010

For my Celina

A Song is Emblazoned on Your Chest

There I lay on my bed, Peace had overcome me

I shall sleep, I said,  The Night is long,

The Air is calm.  I was wrong.

Sleep never came.

I saw you standing there naked in the rain.  I wanted to cover you

Thinking you were cold.

But a mist floating in the air came from another sky

Liquid sunshine came from your eye.

Warm and soft, it dripped onto my forehead

And crossed my brow down the creases of unreason

A Bridge of Treason

Then it dripped into my eye,

Soothing the burning, the yearning

I had for you.

Your warm tears kept coming filling my mind with ease

Then I too shed a tear with you.

I mingled mine with yours

And out from the corner of my eye they did fall

Down my cheek and into the corner of my mouth.

I received them with open lips as though

The Drought in my life had turned to Renewing Flood.

Yet they were not salty with sorrow or remorse

They were sweet and soft made of honey and gold.

Morsels of Joy caught momentarily

Quenching my thirst of Olde.

Then I heard a flute say to me,

“All Hell has passed away, Orpheus.

I, your Eurydice

Am here beside you forever now.”

Then I heard a harp sing and Epona flew by.

Perfume filled the air

The smell of Daphne, Vanilla and Carnation was everywhere.

In her mane were garlands of Gardenia and Daffodil

Butterflies dancing through every strand of her hair and strain.

“Come fly with me, dear Arthur,

Climb upon my back.  To The Meadow we shall go.”

“Your Gueniviere is waiting for you in another sky.

Don’t ask me why.  The horses have left The Stable, The Carousel Round.

The children have gone with them, too,

Leaving their nannies dumbfounded, trying to

Hang on to The Brass Ring they could not reach.”

“Where did they all go?” they cried.

“To The Meadow of Lovliness, of Calm and Delightful Peace,” She replied,

As Her steed continued pawing her feet on The Ground waiting impatiently

For me to take that ride with Her.

So I did what was asked of me.

Off we went from meadow to meadow, from sky to sky.

Plunging our way down to the ground,

Spiraling our way back into yet another sky.

Soon we came to you again.

This time the softness in your eyes, the silky skin,

The tender hands caressing my face

Unguent sweet dripping from your breast like

Masseuse Blessed, a Warrior’s sweet rest.

“I knew you’d come back, Arthur  I knew that you would re-awaken.

You weren’t really sleeping, were you?

I have waited so long.  Glastonbury remains strong

Tor is still standing

Glistening while The Morighan weaves your gown

Burial clothes, bloodied linens,

Now they have been woven into silken finery only she can sew.

Its magic!  She can do that.

Your men are here, too.  Many of their wounds have healed.

Here they stand with their brides by their side.

The table is reset, The Grail is here to receive you all.

Drink ye of it, soft amber wine of roses

Silver-tongued, elixer and brew.

The Land is now at peace with itself, and so are we

Because you have returned to me.

It is so!”

“Am I not dreaming?  Is it true?

I lay myself down but for a nap.  It was night then

Many a day has passed since, noon has come and gone many times over,

Yet The Moon is still dancing on The Horizon

Though The Sun has risen from her bed and shone above the clouds.”

“She will follow her lover forever, dear Brother,

Though he has flown away to reign through future days forever

They never leave each other’s side.  The Sun takes his bride wherever he goes.  Didn’t you know that?

Just like you and I,” She replied.

“But you are thousands of miles away,”  I cried.

I am lying here in this bed alone

This apartment so dingy, so small and forlorn.

How is this so?”

But there was no answer.

Then The Flute reminded me of recent melody

That mortal life is but a chorus, a house, an apartment, a hut

A place to hang your hat.

None of them are a home if you don’t see them as such.

Nary a speck of distance lies between The Chorus and The Refrain.”

“Besides you are the author, the musician and singer of both.

We are The Hidden Choir,” sang The Reeds

As they joined in with The Flute.

“When you pass The Threshold of Need and Desire

Accept the road and The Journey before you,

You become immortal

YOU become The Song!”

“When you pass The Threshold of Need and Desire and become immortal,

We all become The Song….

We all become The Song….

We all become The Song!”

“Oh, Thank you, thank you all,

Dear Orpheus, Eurydice, Arthur, Gueniviere and The Morighan

Thank you Epona for taking me with you to The Summerlands”

“You’re welcome, Arthur.  Just remember

That Song, the one we created together is emblazoned on your chest.

Dreamtime is never far away.

After all, you and I passed through a million bars of The Song

While you thought you were taking but a nap!

Wake fully, dear Brother.  Keep singing that song!

Forget the map.  You found your homeland all by yourself.”

And with a twinkle in her eye, she lifted her golden mane

And tore through The Skies again

In search of yet another Warrior.

Standing naked in The Rain

Ready to be held in the arms of his Beloved

Lying in yet another

Meadow of  Love for One Another

In The Cloudless Sky on The Other Side, in The Cloudless Sky…

When She comes for you again, do not swerve for a single instant

Just to avoid her beauty brother.

Stay on course.  Don’t spiral towards her.  Run straight into Her arms!

The path isn’t that wide, you know…..what’s stopping you?



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