Posted by: whiteagle | March 26, 2010

A Long Poem This Time called The Dance and The Song

The Dance and The Song

by Wildove

Erase those unspoken words

Remove the pages of those unopened books

Stop looking at things you cannot see

Do just the reverse

Sing the chorus first

Adding yet another verse to

The Refrain

The Universe made for us to sing

Makes for a pretty long song

When every life on earth Is a different verse

But we’re not expected to sing all the other verses

Just the one we created ourselves

Terse with gusto perhaps

But not with bitterness and hate

Sweet but not sappy

Soft allegro in parts

Loud and rambunctious in others

Just singing it from hearts in unison

Keeps the crowds happy

That’s Art!

What about all these complex harmonies

We’re supposed to master

These strains on the corded instruments

Accompanying all The Master Musicians and Singers

Faster and faster

More than the Stage can uphold

The Orchestration in need of adjustments

When singers who’re still stuck on sentences

With the words still clinging to the page

Are willing to stand-up

And sing their hearts out anyway

Regardless if they can’t remember

Where they should start and end

Who said we’re

Supposed to finish pause or stop?

Or whether our small little part fits in harmoniously or not?

Who said we have to memorize even one single bit of The Song?

Who said we have to wait until our part comes along?

Just keep on Singing The Song Sacred Living creates

The Angels told me to say to you The Chorus is still in the background

Always singing with the same words

Always the same chords

Never running behind never late

The Master Choreographer of Fate tells me

The Chorus gets repeated for us every time

By The Angels in The Morning Light

Throughout the whole day and night long

The True Chorus Line-up implores

The Meaning of Life-words

Whether they rhyme or not You see

The Harmonies of The Dance we call Life are already in place

They’re built into every Race

Sung on every rung

Of every Ladder in

Every Space Climbing up to

Every Heaven

The Choreographer, The Librettist, The Dancer, All the members of The Orchestra

Simply have to put down the librettas and compositions written on

Trails of a dedicated life instead of on paper

If we want to get to the place where we can

Erase our addiction to the memorization process of doctrine and verse

Of The Heavenly Song of Our Own Creation-ness

Stepping up to The Divine Plate

Stepping up to The Microphone

And start singing!

Get back on stage and start dancing!

Sharing The Rulership of Earth together

In a kingdom where there’s no sibling rivalry among its children

Where no one sits alone! Guess what?

WE are their children

Why don’t we stop squabbling and just start singing the same song

Sitting tight in the same room the angels of the sky do.

Its called The Changing Room. (Some call it home; Our Dear Mother Earth)

Help is embedded in The Dancer, and all the people behind the scenes.

Its not his or her costume, the scene changes, the Stand-ins needed at times.

Even the props must change. It’s always The Master Choreographer who keeps the words, the song and the dancers in line….



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