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02/03/02 7Sun1

Its been a rough month (Jan 02), lots of disappointment, doubts (again, damnit!) and fear. Althugh my guides have brought me back “into the fold” (they never did abandon me, I abondoned them with doubt) I’m still shaky, trying to enjoy my work and my art. It was made clear (with tangible proof) that the medicine work I thought I had to do is already done, ie, in the making by someone else, the seeds I and others like myself have been planting these past few years are beginning to mature.

People are beginning to appreciate this work and are getting more involved.The collacborative efforts between the forces once opposed to each other such as the (new?) age of tradition vs native crafts, native philosophy and ancient myth is now networking in a new way through the Internet, bridging the gap that once separated the artist/crafter from the gallery elite and the marketplace.

This is what I had been looking for for so long. Here it was in my own back yard—-Portland, Oregon, a walking distance from the home I am actually staying in right now. So much of this journey is about believing, not just receiving, all these messages from the Spirit world and writing them down. But also it is about following through with them with overt action soon after they come to me—the voices of winter—the inner world of spirits and channels, oracles and messages for us all. Truly I am blessed with these gifts. Thankyou, Great Spirit!

Although I let this slide now and then and need to be re-motivated, I will keep on doing this, breaks or no breaks between and stop chastising myself for the “intervals”. The powerful records of inner truths….hmm…… nurturing each other, one brother to one brother, passing swiftly through the veils of ego and the curtains of alternate times, one by one…..will the record that keeps on repeating itself: Such as “this can’t happen”, will it ever be broken? Why do we play such old useless records  when a new one has just been sung or is being written as we speak?

02/04/02 8moon9

Today’s journal is personal, but I’ll write it down anyway. Its about owl medicine:  Deception of one’s own intentions or those of others—you decide…

Am I lonely, do I see myself and my friends too clearly or not clear enough? Can I be compulsive for my own gain although I tell myself I’m  generous, willing to give out these precious gifts whether I receive any recompense in return or not? What did I really want in the first place? Is it OK to give away financial gain when I am in need of every penny? Can I consider everything I create a gift to give away or to keep? Am I willing to receive whatever I get in return? Am I truly wanting to barter and trade instead of buy and store? What if there is no financial recompense at all to the passing on of spiritual truths? I need answers. Thoth tells me compulsion for gain is due to past allotments set aside for the universal garden to flourish. Of course its OK to want to be recompensed for the planting and nurturing of the spiritual seeds, just as the gardener, the nursery owner and the flower shopkeeper get paid, the spiritual warrior gets paid. The allotments have already been parceled out, as have been the plots of ground, the seeds and the rain to see that they grow! Its your wanting to turn repayment for work well done into money.  There are other “payments” worth ten times that much, silly!

Wow! Thank You, Thoth!

White Eagle says of course you can and are receiving powerful celestial outpourings, most certainly on a different level. The cosmic forces in operation can transform ALL the implications of natural existance, including recompense and gain. So many aspects of The Creative Word or any Creative Act (for that matter) are yet to be revealed. The celestial destinies are so powerful, if they were received all at once, they would shatter you before they would (could) illumine you! Thankyou, White Eagle!


Today I could go on and on about anthrax and “The Scare”, or I could look forward into space, OR, I could feel the early morning air and continue living out the dream that is always there, of a world without beginning and a world without end. One that was made holy by WORKING OUT OUR FEARS TOGETHER, knowing the fat lady hasn’t come out to sing yet, knowing the creation isn’t done by a long shot. I AM winning now as I go along because I choose to run now, not against the tide, but with the tide underneath, just as salmon does, leaping joyously above the obstacles in the river he must travel, not waiting for the whistle to blow, nor looking forward in anticipation for all the supposed accolades and laurels they say awaits us in the end when the race is won. I am running now towards a greater life, right here.
(There is no other place than here. Here has no boundaries, no periphery separating it from there, because there is no there. There is merely an extension of here, ie., just a “T” has been added. Isn’t that the shape of the scales? *S*.). Here are the teachers words.

Abraham speaks:

“Eternal love walks with anyone intent on walking towards the light of a greater life. Strength or weariness, courage or fear, movement that overcomes or lies secretly beneath, hidden from view. Sometimes the silent, hidden truth is much stronger than the talk of alarm and all that other “cacaphony.” Walk in the light always, let courage from your ancestors and the exalted company of the brothers who have gone before you fill you with this strength. In God’s presence we emanate the suble essence of our spirits meeting each other. This is the etheric bliss we can share with you as you walk your talk. Blessings to you, dear brother.

(end of transmission)


My company of men, courageous and bold, my queen and your queen stand by you and your family today in a good way. Its been a long time since we have conversed with you. We are glad that you have not been consumed by the tragedies in your world at this time. Blessings to you. You can call on us anytime, you know!!

(end of transmission)


“Flying over”, “rising above”, and all those wonderful affirmations of a warrior willing to work for peace in a troubled world are mere transmutations of love into life and life into love. Think about it. When you let compassion reign in your life, you’re too busy to even think about tragedy and its results, or whether or not you are doing anything substantial about “fixing” things or not. Warriors of the Heart are about restoring, not “fixing”, (which is what a lot of so-called spiritual “busy-bodies” we call them, are wasting their time doing). Keep up the good work, brother!.”

(end of transmission)


Devotion is still my top priority. The remarkable link between Little Bear and myself seems more fitting than ever…..the eyes of a two legged meets a four-legged and The Brotherhood link is strengthened. In a similar way, that is what the bringing together of all races into one family of man is about: To see each other on common ground instead of from our differences. Here are Thoth and White Eagle’s words for today:

Thoth speaks first:

“To be consecrated to the raising of consciousness means to devote oneself to the linking together of all mankind. To do this, one must first observe the rules created by the forces that govern the world one lives in a e must first observe the rules by which one’s culture obeys and ask this question: Are these the rules the universe is looking for humans to observe, to walk so blindly in disregard of one another just in order to obey them, not knowing that they are destroying the very foundation upon which they’re meant to stand? That is the Christ-love (agape) of true companionship we seek to instill upon your consciousness, to implore you to reconsider your actions. Humans are as much a companion to the universal god as God is to them. Have you ever wondered how the Light itself enjoys the company of the Dark? That is what your Creator does each day: To shed his light upon the darkness to bring light and love to the lonely, the deprived and the ignorant. In no way do we think you are ignorant of all that is, but that you as a race are still an infant, stage of growth and of learning that still needs guidence from above. Be patient with yourselves and know that The Universe is always longing to walk with you no matter how you falter and stumble.”

-end of transmission-

White Eagle and The Sacred Brotherhood:

“It seems at times the things you cherish most are at the mercy of the things you cherish least. The conflict which arises must be linked together. The animal nature must live by the rules of the human nature. Can they both be one and the same? We believe so, in the regard of true love and companionship, the link between one’s pet and oneself is certainly an example of this. Those who claim to be concerned often use a lay-in-the-sun approach. [Oh!, it’ll all work itself out, for example.] It won’t my friend. Do not let yourself be tempted with the excuse, my little effort won’t work, or, this little opportunity isn’t “up to” great accomplishment. Every little act of devotion is part of the expansion of The Brotherhood of Man. Like a great cloak that warms you, the little threads weave their way in and out of your life, tightening the spaces that separate you from us. And the love-blanket you are making for yourselves will warm you even more. The long winter of humankind is soon approaching Spring. ”

“So what, you say?How long do you think it will allow you those rules? Don’t you know that observance of them. Spirit’s rules are made for all to observe relentlessly, unconditionally. If your rules don’t begin here they will destroy you later on.”

“The gods warnings may seem harsh at times, but like all good nurses and doctors, they will watch over you and see the the work you need to do will continue until your healing gets done. Be vigilent and seek out those spaces in the weave that need tightening. Peace to you , my dear brother.”


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