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“Confront or conquer” and “seek to find” have a corelation to each other.
One motivates. The other one follows through.
People often confuse the two.

Sometimes the finding is in the seeking, sometimes the confronting of the enemy is equal to the conquering of the enemy, particularly when the enemy is one’s own mind. Aho! Now turn to phase seventy-two of Dane Rudhyar’s book and write down your thoughts and additions.

(Here is what I came up with:)

Phase 72 Total Liquidation of the Past
(How is this accomplished?)

Adults cannot completely empty their minds when entering a new territory. No wilderness or territory once visited by humans is truely virgin. Adults like to hang onto their intentions, ideas, etc. like old baggage. But they don’t have to. If we stop thinking about “privileges or duty” and become a new born child once more and simply be open to whatever comes next as a gift, and a privelege, then we can get as close to emptying out the old baggage as though it was virgin . Is that a good interpretation of this passage, White Eagle?

Yes, it is Willy. Practise being a child again and all will go well with you, and us, today. Aho!

05/14/2002 Portland 5Mars6
Paper work, government, agencies, welfare on the phone. How may I perform well?

Thoth speaks:

Alternatives are clear-cut: No turning back. Pierce the inevitable and you may win…..Perform well and you may gain immortality, become a possible source of inspiration yourself. Biological fulfillment, potency, is conquered by polarizing relationships, (between) You and (your) God, you and your work (creative). You and them (ie. society) and their work ethics, which one do you want to pursue?

(My answer was Creator God’s plan and purpose.) He then continued:

Ritualize your relationship with God by being passive and accepting the inner you and Him from the feelings inside to the outside, not the other way around. From the inside, what do you really want to accomplish? Answer this honestly, right now.

(I want success with my creative work, I want my work to reflect the conscious activities of Mother Nature and the harmonics that are so hidden from society’s idea of this relationship’s worthiness and the way it unfolds, where it will lead.)

Continue, then, in doing what you are doing and stop thinking about what it will accomplish. The indestructable forces of divine nature preserve everyhing. Every accomplishment is on record. Its not your concern. Blessings to you, my brother. Aho!
-end of transmission-

Daily Journal 04/28/02

“Pull up a Chair and Sit a Spell” (Or create a new one!)

Todays meditation is completely channeled though me by White Eagle. Here it is:

“We have many things to tell you today. Its taken you a long time to come back to us, nearly a month….( I said my thanks to the Arapahoe and Apache ancestors who have helped me with these conversations)….We have a new beginning to share with you. Go to page 58. (of Dane Rudhyar’s Cycles of Transformation) The cosmic order in the sky, spoken of here, is not the order you may be thinking of. We speak of a dire quickening of the ley lines that link you to us. They are compressing. The continental plates on your planet too, are shifting, drawing closer and closer together. Dhyani Ywahoo spoke about the winds shifting, the lunar and solar winds of the Tibetan and Coloradan plateaus. The winds of the solar system are changing rapidly. Within two years you will see the effect…(he was referring to a dream I had many years ago about solar winds creating an extreme fire, draught, blackened power lines, abandoned cities and towns. I discovered one of the towns three years ago was Silver City, NM. The buildings across the street kiddy-corner from the A rtist I n R esidence Cafe` were in that dream, and also in dreams of several other people who were drawn to Silver City.)….All of the things you have been worrying about lately….(my fears about financially being unable to travel this continent as planned as well as, the day would come when I would be asked to reveal the prophetic warnings I have been receiving)….are useless to us.”

“Take your pen and start writing each morning after you have taken Little Bear for a walk. This is your work. There is no time to hesitate. We are going far, far away from your planet into another realm. We want to take you with us. We speak of living in the dream world no matter what, no matter how absurd it may seem at this point. The patterns being drawn up are merely moving the pieces in place to balance the solar winds, the crystaline forms….the fixations underground necessary to restore balance between you and us. ( He was referring to the process interupted by our incessant digging into the ground in the Southwest from the gulf of Mexico across the entire Coloradan plateau)….Your scientists, like Noah, did not KNOW what was ahead. But unlike Noah, they disregarded the warnings. They not only failed to obey the commands, they ignored them entirely. You never should have dug one iota into the layers that reach into the aquafleurs underneath the surface. Your Mother Earth IS angry. Many of you WILL be gone from the surface of your planet so She can restore the balance. Its the way it is. Worry but prepare not and you WILL drown. Its not about your finances, personal belongings or any other resources, for that matter. There is only one thing for you to do. Secure the belongings you will need for surviving disasters…electrical storms, thundering light and fire, water tables upsetting, turning things backwards, flooding, coastal tidal waves….all of that is coming upon the northern section, from the gulf of New Mexico to Canada. Its unchangeable. Its the way it is. Its that simple. Aho!”

-end of transmission-

(I then asked about myself, Cedar Mountain Drums, Patrick.Barry, this new win-win community, etc., we (those of us in Portland, Or.) are working on , ie., helping to bring into manifestation.)

“Are you promising more than you can deliver? Are they promising more than they can deliver? Great expectations, great excitement cannot be sustained for long on the human level. Seek us daily for guidence, sustenance even. Also, this “get thee to the mountains” cannot be said often enough, this letting go of useless possessions, literally useless possessions, as well as useless spiritual connections, thoughts and ideas. There is no longer any time dallying with these things. The show is over! Pick up the pieces and get to work securing what is useful to you, your friends and those that mean so much to you and leave the rest alone. Aho, White Eagle.

-end of transmission-

(I then asked about my website , my artwork, and my place in all of this at this moment in time. He told me to continue doing exactly what I am doing. All this will be published later. The time is now, but the details are still unclear (to me) Its all OK. Not to worry, just be ready for change in a minute if and when it may be necessary to literally move. In the meantime, stay put and start securing the necessary belongings. Is there more for today, I asked.)

“Turn to page 52 and read from the top to the bottom and stop.” -Thoth-
“Now type in your thoughts and read them back to me.”

(I am concerned, not about being an inspiration, but about how. What is meant by polarization of bipolar energies, first about myself, and then about the planet itself. As I typed this in my mind remembered the words typed in above about being only concerned with myself, my friends and those whose path crosses or interacts with mine on a daily basis and leavethe rest alone.)

“So you see, your thoughts wander. How to restore balance in yourself? Ask me each time you wonder why you wander. *S*. Now DOpage 32, phase 32 and 70 and be done with this “wandering”. ”

-end of transmission-

(Thank You, Thoth. For myself, I will take that nose dive, but it will be straight to the sun and beyond! For the planet, I now see the six rhythmns, the four directions and the three bipolar polarization lines, zyzygies and energies that align Northwest to Southeast, Northeast to Southwest, and East to West, that North to South is not a polarization in a metaphysical way anymore than up and down is an accurate description of spirit/matter relations. Every “relation” crosses the central plane or medicine lodge. Aho!)

04/28/2002 9 Sun’s Day 1 Portland
A Battle Between a Torch(spirit-light) Bearer and a Sword (implement-ego mind) Bearer

Thoth speaks:

“If you were asked to take sides, which one would you chose, bear light on a subject(issue) for it to be examined, possibly dissected, scrutinized or cut into pieces, or do the cutting yourself once it was brought to light? Why does a battle between these two forces continue? Why do we have to take sides? What is behind this apparant conflict? Torches and clubs are older than lamps and swords, older still than laser-light (scrutiny) and missile force(modern mind). Is it always going to be this way? In the manner and how man continues to slice through and play out this drama, our future is being determined. On the carnate level, the implements seem to mean more than the implementation itself. In Spirit the drama is about perfecting, not eliminating or dominating, as it appears you (we humans) still seem to be doing more and more of instead of less of.”

“Ask yourself is this action for the good of ALL sides, not for “my side” only. Its where we falter the most, so afraid that “giving in” means losing. For Spirit, giving in means winning! The highest good for GodMother/Father and all of creation is a dance-play some callThe Spiral Dance. Could we look upon that phrase, “The Great Eternal War” and change it to “The Great Eternal Dance”? If we don’t, (in my opinion, too) it might just become The Great War of Darkness and Gloom. Its up to each and everyone of us to RISE ABOVE the battles, the everyday skirmishes with the power of that divine torch-bearer who also bears a sword. However, that Divine Warrior weilding and marshalling the forces, carries The Sword of Light that Heals Us instead of wounding us.”

-end of transmission-


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