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White Eagle speaks: “As The Shining One greets us in the early morning stillness, He awakes in this lovely place filled with joy. Therefore, my beloved children, wake up into this Divine Stillness knowing that you ARE in the lovely presence of Your Creator God and His Suns. As He shines upon you , the joy He brings to you can fill you as completely as it does Him each and every day as He spreads his creator’s gift across the sky for you. All you need to do is receive this gift and open it! The gift your heavenly Mother and Father just gave to you is one that always keeps on giving.”

“Although we have said this before, we remind you that all the seeds for today’s events to come, are found inside this Gift, and if you open it up upon waking and plant them before you do anything else: In any shape or form these daily events occur, they will then unravel before you in the very sublime, ordered, peaceful and harmonious fashion they were intended to, simply because you opened up your heart and mind and were willing to plant the seeds He gave you.”

-end of transmission-

White Eagle and The Sacred Brotherhood:

“It seems at times the things you cherish most are at the mercy of the things you cherish least. The conflict which arises must be linked together. The animal nature must live by the rules of the human nature. Can they both be one and the same? We believe so, in the regard of true love and companionship, the link between one’s pet and oneself is certainly an example of this. Those who claim to be concerned often use a lay-in-the-sun approach, it’ll all work itself out, for example. It won’t my friend. Do not let yourself be tempted with the excuse, ‘my little effort won’t work’, or, ‘this little opportunity isn’t “up to” great accomplishment’.

Every little act of devotion is part of the expansion of The Brotherhood of Man. Like a great cloak that warms you, the little threads weave their way in and out of your life, tightening the spaces that separate you from us. And the love-blanket you are making for yourselves will warm you even more. The long winter of humankind is soon approaching Spring. ”

“So what, you say? How long do you think it will allow you those rules? Don’t you know that observance of them are made for all to observe relentlessly, unconditionally. If your rules don’t begin here they will destroy you later on, harsh at times, but like all good nurses and doctors, they will watch over you and see that the work you need to do will continue until your entire healing gets done. Be vigilent and seek out those spaces in the weave that need tightening.
Peace to you, my dear brother.”

-end of transmission-

Portland 9Moon9
“This is not That”

Grandmother Turtle has shown me that our home is where we’re at. Our “possessions” may be in several places, so how can we secure them? By carrying only that which we can carry. She then told me to go back to one of my files “Abraham” channeled to me about possessions. Here it is:

“Secure your belongings by enabling them to travel with you. Go to phase 46 of Dane Rudhyar’s book of transformations. Read it and come back to me. I’ll wait.”

( I did so. In phase 46 the key phrase is that one must repeat as often as it takes to say, not this, not that, until one reaches the void. I began to understand and said to abraham, OK, how do I simply carry only that which I need?)

He then responded:

“Now that you have organized your thoughts about your “belongings” listen to this: Possessions are not for children. Playthings are! You are a child. Play with your “things”. Do not think of any of them as possessions. They are toys. Play with them, one at a time. You can be the organized adult and arrange them for storage, but you are also a child. Let the adult in you take them out, just enough for you as a child to play with in your playground, your life situation, ie., the one you are in right now. It, too is just a sandbox in front of the great Spirit who is the true “adult” in these situations. The child, though rarely expressed, not only is enthusiastic when the toys are the ones he or she wants, but also is thankful to the one who provided the toys and the relationship that developes. So go ahead, have a wonderful relationship with yourself. Simply change the words, belongings, possessions, baggage, things, etc. to the word TOYS and above all, stop labeling your storage boxes Miscellaneous! None are miscellaneous in the world of Spirit. Aho!”
-end of transmission-

08/31/2002 Portland 7Saturne5

Legal paper work, government, agencies, welfare, in writing and on the phone. How may I perform well?
Thoth speaks:

“Alternatives are clear-cut: No turning back. Pierce the inevitable and you may win…..Perform well and you may gain immortality and become a possible source of inspiration yourself. Potency, is acheived when it is first ritualized and then applied, in turn ritualizing the relationships, (between) You and (your) God, you and your work (creative), you and society (with its own ethics). Which one (relationship) do you want to pursue first?
(My answer was Creator God’s plan and purpose regarding my work on this computer.) He then continued:
Turn away from your society’s ethics if it is in conflict with your god/ethics or resolve it by ending it honorably SO THAT you may truely ritualize your new relationship with God-Goddess by being the passive child and accepting the inner you as a stronghold, trusting him-her AND yourself from the feelings inside to the outside, not the other way around. From the inside, what do you really want to accomplish? Answer this honestly, right now.”

(I want success with my creative work, I want my work to reflect the conscious activities of Mother Nature and the harmonics that are so hidden from society’s idea of this relationship’s worthiness and the way it unfolds. I also want to help us all to know more about where it will lead us.)

“Continue, then, in doing what you are doing and stop thinking about what it will accomplish. The indestructable forces of divine nature preserve everyhing. Every accomplishment is on record. Its not your concern. Blessings to you, my brother. Aho!”
-end of transmission-
We are All Giving Birth to Each Other” -Anais Nin
“Not all of us are eagles, yet we all are sky dancers” -Dancing Dog to Willy TwoHawk.
“At night there are millions of galaxies. During the day there is the beauty of friends dancing at their wedding to each other.” -Rumi


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