Posted by: whiteagle | March 16, 2010


ABRAHAM : From the first day of your physical birth you began inter-acting with spirit who formed you. That world is huge. You are never separate from it, yet when You are old enough (physically) you are more adept at expressing it. Yet it is hardly expressible in and of itself. If that is your desire, try using expressive words about ponds and creeks, rather than roaring rivers and mighty oceans. The vastness is hard to reach, yet the teeming life down by the stream is equally vast, equally great in numbers and in importance. It is that this experience is “closer” to human everyday experience. One must travel (mentally) great lengths to encompass, express vast oeans. Travel instead with a little creek water of words, just the amount you can carry on your back. Take a daily jaunt down the path of the park in your neighborhood instead of a sabbatical to the other side of the planet, to experience the ocean of your rebirth.
-end of transmission –

GRANDMOTHER E’LSAH : YOU are a language, a pile of letters, words and symbols. Stand in the middle of yourself as a crane does in the middle of a stream. One foot is planted in the sand by the stream bank, the other foot is planted in mid-air. Her feet are like yours should be: (the metaphor regarding your feet, used to describe understanding) keeping one foot on the ground. It would not be adequate if the other one wasn’t “grounded” in mid-air or “spirit”. Like crane, be “grounded” both in Mother Earth AND Father Sky, wait patiently for the big salmon (great words of wisdom) instead of pecking at small fry (little words of a lesser wisdom). Let them pass you by! Now there’s another way, the one most humans attempt. They ‘ll take a fancy boat out to the ocean to catch the reee-ally big words rather than go a- fishin’ in a small pond, or to stand patiently with nothing on the end of their pole in a small stream. Like Rumi said, soft meadow creek sounds are better than roaring ocean sounds. Daily experience is full of opportunities for understanding, equal, if not greater than, those so-called “peak” experiences. They’re for the ones willing to stand patiently for hours, content with “small fry” before they make the “plunge”! There won’t be many of those in your “audience” anyway, Willy! * § * -end of transmission –


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