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3/31/2000 / 9,Venus’s Day, Ellis Mesa.
“ A Dream full of Worries “

Why do we worry? One answer: We may lack confidence in ourselves or we are still in need of repair. I decided my dream last night was about different aspects of myself. Here’s the dream:

I was helping my mom get her house ready for a party she and her friend were throwing. They were being finicky, picky-picky to the extreme about “being ready” for their guests. I didn’t know what the party was for, but the air was festive (balloons and confetti, etc.) I thought, why are they worrying so much? The two women reminded me of my gay friends, Nicole and Genivieve while I was trying my best to do what they were asking me to do. Like my mother, Nicole was always the picky one to the extreme, and Genivieve, like myself, in real life, was always the flamboyant, happy-go-lucky one; the who gives a hoot type of person. I mean, as the dream progressed, I am thinkin, somewhat “Ye, gods, what’s all the fuss about?”. They wanted to make sure they were “clean” and that I smelled good. They told me that the plumbing needed to be fixed, too. People had to have everything spic and span. I am thinking, the plumbing isn’t that bad, only the toilet had a little water down by the floor. Toilets are supposed to sweat, what’s the problem? Besides, people were already arriving and having fun by the time the dream ended. I am thinking as I wake up, well, the people must like the way things were, or they wouldn’t have come so early in the first place. But as I wiped the sleep from my eyes, I started to worry about things here at the mesa: would my “house” survive the wind, was the fire danger really THAT imminent, was I prepared for rain? But I am saying to myself, I’m not having a party here, why am I so worried. I certainly wasn’t worried about my”reputation” or was I? I decided to spend the first part of my meditation this morning by writing down the dream and letting the interpretation unfold. Maybe in writing the dream down I would find out some things about myself that “needed repair, or at least I might still be thinking thatparts of me were in need of repair”. Here’s the interpretation:

The “Mother” in me (my creative, feminine side) is worried about its reputation., will people see what I am trying to accomplish with my medicine wheel here at the mesa area I now occupy. Is my home “ready” for them when they do come? My motives are just, ie, I hope they find happiness and encouragement (celebration of life) here if I fix it up some more , (make it”look” better– even though it really wasn’t in any dire shape or in need of repair ). Of course, the key element in the dream seems to be very plain and simple: I already must have had a reputation for bringing happiness and encouragementto people in my life,so what’s there to worry about? Even though I don’t really have a “home” capable of hosting a party ,(I’m certainly not planning to throwg any parties up here at the mes)a, maybe I needed to axknowledge that there could be a lot of people “in my life” enjoying themselves already due to the atmosphere I bring with me.

What does this mean, in general? The obvious answer is, we often fool ourselves into thinking our intentions are meant for others, yet they are really about ourselves and our own assessment of our “reputation”. If your life (on the inside) isn’t yet in order, don’t call a party until it is. Or, better yet, lighten up and be happy with yourself and your surroundings just the way they are. The fact is, you want to bring an atmosphere of enjoyment and pleasure to your friends, so you can do just that. Invite people anyway. If they “come early” have ‘em pitch in to help!. Relax! Here’s the teaching spirits response:

THOTH : When people have reachedthe state of inner happiness they aren’t expecting it from someone else. In your case, you are surrounded by those who expect it from you. In either case, being prepared for expected conditions is all that is required. Perfection and cleanliness to the extreme of one’s surroundings is actually a hindrance to happiness. Doubts, fears, worries, etc. never cease when we exhibit these thought-feelings. If you still have them look at your own sense of desire/ego. Is it their happiness, or is it your “need” for confirmation you are analyzing? In your dream itis apparant that what you’ve done before and what is at hand is good enough for them, why isn’t this good enough for you? Use your imagination, rather than your analytical mind to assess your present “situation”. Imagine how much fun the people are going to have! This is projecting expected conditions in a positive way. Whether misshaps, failures, etc. occur or do not occur isn’t for you to be concerned about. Prepare for celebration, not perfection! Analysis is good for assessing the past accomplishments and or failures. Do this quickly, focusing on the accomplishments first and foremost. It is the way we suggest you learn from your own experiences. Learning is a two-way street. If you focus on failure, and or guilt of failure, and lack of this or that, you will certainly be heading down a one-way road no one wants to be found traveling. Wrong way! Turn yourself around and go back to the road of accomplishment.
-end of transmission –

GRANDMOTHER E’LSAH : Potency and wealth of spirit: These exist in the heart and soul of everyone at the moment of birth. They also exist in the “things” you acquire, if the acquisition comes from the heart. If you have done this and feel that something is missing, look at what you have acquired. If you look closely you will usually find in their potential, the necessary ingredients for them to manifest. If you still think you need to acquire some more or “repair” the ones you have, re-activate your heart first. This will help you to acquire them. This form of expectation is healthy. Looking elsewhere or worrying about what may or may happen, isn’t. This also applys to skills, financial wealth and objects of beauty and worth as well. -end of transmission –

RUMI : (copy pgs. 72-73 of essential rumi) Live in the NOW-where from which you came. It is NO- where yet EVERY- where, even though you have an address SOME- where else. Com-ing from the NOW, resid-ing in the NOW, plan-ning for the NOW: That’s how you prepare for celebrat-ing. The FUTURE-NOW is made up of verbs. Nouns, thoughts and definitions?: They are all names of the past! THE NOW HAS NO NAME! Sometimes you look at yourself, another person or something you have in front of you and see a slithering snake in the grass. Someone else only sees a pretty joyful flower waving and smiling at them as the you- snake slithers past. You’re both right! Everything and everyone is a half & half or a so & so. Like the dark black horse and the bright blue sky, they aren’t entirely black or blue. There’s always a gray or white patch hidden in there somewhere! Only nothing has one color to it. and nobody knows what that color is.
-end of transmission –

ABRAHAM : Say to yourself in the morning as you wipe the sleep from your eyes: I am still living my life well today. At ten o’clock say to yourself: I am living my life joyously. By noon, say: I am still joyously living my life this very moment. And when the sun has set, Don’t say, I have lived my life well today, as though the ensuing moments might be void of more living. Simply repeat the last phrase I gave you. Those past participles are all additions to the only true verb, (which is becoming). They are simply that: “Additions”. All the have beens, will be’s, and didn’ts, relate to something you have already thought about. You haven’t yet had a thought about the now. And you shouldn’t either. The now is a time of action, not thought. Thought is always about something other than the now. Simply add the letters ing to these thought-verbs and you will see what I mean. P.S. You can’t cheat by saying I keep thinking about…! The ing letters don’t apply to think about! (*s*) -end of transmission –

GUENIVIERE : Willy, about the “women” in your life and in your dream. Woman does mean creativity because the metaphor applies to the “women’s way” of nurturing your skills, in the same way the mother nurtures the child, then, at a certain point in the process, the mother gives the child over to the father so that the nurturing gets applied in a social context. This is to say they both have their proper place in the process of manifestation of one’s creativity and or one’s craftwork /artwork/lifework. When you are confronted with the image of yourself as being finicky and stern, you are only seeing the dark side. Yet it too comes out of a mother’s love for her “child”, wanting it to be perfect, wanting HER work to be confirmed. But that is only human. Of course, The Great Mother needs no confirmation or applause nor is she “worried” about her reputation. Enjoy yourself more, Willy, just as you are. Great Mother isn’t worried about you, either, let her do the nudging and the nurturing. Focus on her AND your dreams will be more enjoyable, too! (*s*)
-end of transmission –

4/01/2000 / 7, Saturn’s Day, Ellis Mesa.
“ Moving to a new location “

Today I am movingto a new location, in a northwesterly direction to prepare “new ground” to receive the brothers and sisters of good intentions when the “disasters start appearing, a place where all will be welcomed and sustained inthese difficult times. It’s also April Fool’s Day and already trickster has played tricks on my mind. It’s a good day to let my mind wander where it will go and I am not to be concerned “where” it goes. It is of little significance. I will then let the words of the teachers flow. No response, questioning or comment until they are finished:

THOTH : (*s*) The eternal, changeless perpetul spring of cosmic-directedforces falls upon you today. The ears of Bear Woman are attuned to yours. Listen to Her today. The great PolarCycle of the last 26,000 years are coming to a close. A new beginning, although still attuned to planet earthand its inclination towards its sun is still there, it is at a pivotal point nearly 23 degrees more northwesterlythan humans are accustomed to. There willbe new stars in your sky. Theyare called Altheric stars. Theyare from another dimension, one you and others will perceive, but many won’t. It will be an exciting time for you and others like you. Be atpeace with yourself and your gods. All is well with Us!
– end of transmission –

GRANDMOTHER E’LSAH (as BearWoman) : You need not look elsewhere for sustanance and support. Whatever you do today will effect tommorow. All in good time wherever you go, whatever you do, in good time, all is done. Learn to honor slowness and be patient. This brings order. Being or trying to be orderly and working fast at the same time is a human adage that never worked before, did it? (*s*)- end of transmission –

RUMI : Ah, the voice and ears of Bear Woman! Like Bat woman and Owl woman, they like to hide from The Sun Man. They sleep all day. Now who am I talking about, who sleeps all day, Bear, bat, owl or the sun? And what IS today? Appearances, like ideas, nouns, metaphors and other words of non-sense are non-sensical, maybe sensitive or not, usually sentimental and sentient. Living by appearances is not a living reality, nor is living by an idea. They are only maps. I am a map-man-maker, so are you. We are not going anywhere, nor do we have to. Lets exchange maps. You follow me, I’ll follow you. Maybe one day our maps will meet each other and follow us! (*s*)- end of transmission –

ARTH-ER : Today is my day. I am asleep, yet I am awake. The Polar cycle is ending yet starting over. Do these times of transition seem to be filled with despair, slander, premonitions and nightmares? They don’t have to be seen in that light. There is always the golden light of The Goddess of Sovereignty which is still our guiding star. The light of Her truth and the light of those She admonishes, admires and guides on their star-strewn journey are filled with appearances, all kinds of appearances and they all belong to Her. Spirit does work in mysterious ways, yet they are all true Most human appearances, utterings and visions are false, even those that come from the eyes and mouths of people of good intentions. Listen and see Her above all else! Live in All-time, The Shawnah of All-time is forever. Long live Bear Woman! – end of transmission –

MERLIN : Aren’t we having fun today! A most serious day in the Polar cycle for us, but merely a fool’s day for humans still caught up in dates, calendars and other un-realities. Happy Fool’s day, anyway! Hah! Now, let’s get down to some serious business.The Goddess of Sovereignty speaks cklearly to all of us:

BE NOT AFRAID OF THE COMING CHANGES! The change that is required is drastic sometimes, but will not be difficult for those whose heart is right. Focus on Me, on the Harmonic Sovereignty I am.

Willy, the Goddess is a great commander. She has a fleet of ships waiting to rescue those whose minds are flexible, open to change. Think of your brain as a wise, young willow tree and not a wise old oak tree. Its obvious that when flooding occurs, the willow rescue boat is uprooted and is drawn to you and those in need of rescue. Old oak tree rescue boots remain moored in the place they were born and grwe. Willows, when uprooted, float down the river, and when the flodwaters subside, they replant themselves, stronger thasn ever. That is how you will survive the coming disastewrs, AND, there will be some, It is the way it is. Be strong, but flexible. Call on us when your weary brain gets tired. We, the spirits of the “other” world are your friends, as you are to us. Let’s stay that way. Keep up your spirit and your good work. Bright Blessings to you and your kind! – end of transmission –

THE GODDESS OF SOVEREIGNTY SPEAKS : I enjoy every moment of My life. I have all that I need. I am strong and dedicated to all the Beauty and Harmony I create. The times of trouble and the nightmares that accompany them do not exist in My mind. They come from the mind of Man. My mind is forever, My thoughts are forever and My light is greater than all these. It sustains Me. Please use My mantra as Your mantra, if You are so willing to take responsibility for these utterances. I require You to maintain them, no matter what may happen to You or to your loved ones. Trust Me, my dear Brother of the Heart. – end of transmission –

ABRAHAM : To be, to have and to do are the three actions that will culminate with : To BeFree once again, free of All attachments, TO BE ONE WITH ONESELF. Here’s some mathematics: To Become One with Spirit (#1) multiplied by To Begin to Have what Spirit offers you (#2) multiplied by To Do what Spirit asks of you (#3) equals an amazing array of gifts that add up to Beauty and Harmony (#6). Adding them together equals Completion, Wholeness and New beginnings(#10 becomes #1 all over again- To Be One withSpirit). If you do not add or multiply by doing (#3) you will never find completion or wholeness. All you will get will be a partial manifestation, or merely the thought of manifestion. The third key truely is in the doing. The number three is also the number of understanding what it means to be and to have. Without doing something about it, you are simply left withthe thought minus the understanding, an equation that equals 2 (which is duality, ie., eithor/or). P.S. 2 is also graphically a question mark! Amazing how humans are sometimes! (*s*)
– end of transmission –


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