Posted by: whiteagle | March 14, 2010


In my meditation this morning meditating on THANKFULNESS I used IChing oracle and came to COLLAPSE changing to DECREASE (rising up from the rubble). DARK FORCES have risen to the pillars holding up the world now. As soon as it happens we collapse, ie., the flood happens to everyone. The roof collapses bringing us all to our knees. Superior men (and women) will find themselves in extreme danger. We must remain calm. When THE RIVER floods, whether you live in a mansion on the hill or live along the banks or live under the bridge, all will be swept downriver. Some will survive, others won’t. Those that do survive will be forced to don the gloves and begin repairing the damage done. It won’t be pretty but its not the end. In fact it is THE RESTORATION OF TRUE AND LASTING BROTHERHOOD ON EARTH, that will be in effect POWERFUL EFFECT IF WE ARE WILLING TO start all over again. This time however, we MUST begin with Simplicity, SIMPLE IN THE TRUE SENSE OF THE WORD: AN ACCEPTANCE of using our resouces step by step until stability for all will be the NEW ORDER. WE WILL BE FACED WITH TAKING EVERYTHING WE HAVE, re-organising, re-instating and restoring society from scratch. BE PREPARED, BE WILLING TO DO WHAT IS NECESSARY. THERE’S NO TURNING BACK, NO MORE HIDING (light workers dedicated to the highest good for all; STOP HIDING!) AS THE HOPI ELDERS SAY: KNOW WHERE YOUR GARDEN IS, KNOW WHO YOUR FRIENDS ARE, DIVE IN, NO MORE SITTING ON THE SIDELINE. UNDERTAKE NOTHING UNTIL THESE THREE AREAS IN ONE”S LIFE IS ESTABLISHED. A REAL STAY WHERE YOU ARE IF YOU’VE BEEN HESITATINGWON’T WORK ANYMORE.  DIVE IN, FIND YOUR ISLAND IN THE MIDDLE OF THE RIVER>  ITS THERE!  KEEP YOUR EYE OUT FOR IT!!!!! AND PRAY, PRAY A LOT AND BE READY FOR THE FLOOD. IT REALLY IS “COMING DOWN THE PIKE AS WE SPEAK”!!!!! AHO!


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