Posted by: whiteagle | March 2, 2010

Message from Chief Little Bear

All we ask of you is to be willing to trust, to listen to the land, ALL OF IT, FROM the MISSISSIPPI to the MISSOURI, THE ARKANSAW, THE YELLOWSTONE, THE CANADIAN, THE RED, THE WHITE, THE BLACK AND THE GREEN, THE RIO GRANDE, THE PECOS, THE COLORADO, THE SMITH, THE TRINITY, THE WILLAMETTE AND THE COLUMBIA, all flow to The Pacific Ocean, and of course all the way to the Atlantic through the Gulf of Mexico. Its not in the tribal names I mentioned or the river names, those are your names: we are all cousins, Mitokuye Oyansin: ITS the LAND, its the RIVERS AND STREAMS, its the CONNECTIONS between Father Sky and Mothr Earth. We ARE one with them. It is with this hope fully working that brought you to this site. It is the same intent that will incite you,inspire you to RECONNECT TO US, TO YOUR OWN ANCESTORS, YOUR OWN BEGINNINGS. You see, after physical death on Earth, we ALL are one in SPIRIT IN RETURN to live out our lives once again in the trees, the insects, the critters, and yes, in many humans, regardless of the color of their skin. ITS ALL ABOUT LISTENING, SHARING WHAT YOU’VE HEARD, getting back to work doing what we (all humans) ARE MEANT TO DO. : Take from the land what is there for the taking as a gift wisely BE THANKFUL FOR THE GIFTS, and respectfully giv back, restore or replace what was taken. ITS NOT COMPLCATED AT ALL! Now, with the nation ready to listen, we are overjoyed. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart. May The Sun shine on you and yours for as long as you need them! (Which I suspect, will be forever, even after your mortal bodies are left behind.)
-end of transmission- (Chief LittleBear and the whole Native First People’s Communities and Tribes west of the Mississippi).


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