Posted by: whiteagle | February 3, 2010

Badger’s Medicine

Prelude to Badger’s Medicine
by TwoHawk Speaking for White Eagle

I live inside The Book of Life
I’m writing. New pages every day
Beautiful words upon my plate.
I lean towards the light
Inside your heart
Ready to start my day with excitement
And Truth

I devour the words that ring true
Words that start with A.
A for a better Attitude
B with a Beautiful u inside.
Badger, I love you!

Badger’s Medicine
by TwoHawk Speaking for White Eagle

Badger, I never thought I’d go looking for your medicine
When things went wrong.
But The Elders told me to and you listen to them.
They said your medicine can soften my hurt, and heal my wounds.
I thought you were all tough and strong.
I didn’t know that you knew things
The human animals who think they don’t belong anywhere
Actually have a whole realm of wisdom to draw upon,
How you go straight to the roots of the matter
Even your herbally correct nose knows
How long to search for the things you want
How long to apply The Good Medicine
Your Spirit already researched for us.
This medicine resounds with hidden strength
Determination, resolution and self-reliance.
In defiance, even your anger is put to good use.
It doesn’t last very long nor does it linger on.
The air gets cleared and we all are the better for it.
You are the healer and changer of change
Thanks to you for determination.
I plan to re-arrange my meager life, letter by letter.

A for a better attitude
B for believing in myself.
C for compassion and feeling for others
D for discernment for others as well.
E is for excelling in my efforts
To be one with F for Father Sky
And G for Grandmother Moon
To Help me Heal every ache for the H of my heart and the I in my id
If I can feel every I for what it is
Instead of what it isn’t.
The J for Joy has no words before it or any thereafter
Except possibly the Kindness of K.
Loving the Love of God in Allah and the L of The Brotherhood Elohim
The Mothers of Good Men and Women alike,
The Marvelous teachers we ought to Marry.
The N is for Never giving up
O is for Ordinary folks with extraordinary Openness
Of arms with Powerful Powers
To embrace each other Quickly,
Reaching out to relieve the Pain of the Poor,
To take heart in mid-air with the Revelations in the art
Of Spirit flowering our bowers with Song as He soars,
Without taking us or any other, for that matter to a Tee
Or to Task. He only asks Us
To use our Understanding of the Universe
With Vitality, Verve, with Wonder and eXcellence
Thus the N and Y in E-N-em-Y with that quarter turn
The prophecies spoke of centuries ago
Will silently turn the N into The Z they call Zagreus.
(The Hebrew word for The New Christ in me and you)!
.      .

Thank you, Badger, Changer of Change for The Better,
In re-arranging my attitudes, letter by letter.


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