Posted by: whiteagle | January 22, 2010

Lovely Isis (and my beloved Celina)

Let us journey the length of The Nile
To Karnak, Helios, to The Valley of Kings
Ptah The Ruler and
Daughter of Ra
Let us be in awe
Before you, in you and through you
Great Goddess of The Night
Of That Light
Hidden within
The Delight
The Fantasy
And The Sin of Sins
Son of Suns Within Suns
Ecstatic flights Alight Into Your Eternity!
Isis Adorned
My darling goddess,
Heliotropic dancing
I’m Stung!
You carry me riding on without any horse
Naked of Fire and Storm
From You to You, I am unfurled.
Then Isis replied:
We saw in you The Truth in You
That is You
You need no steed to ride with Me.
From The Rose that bled
From Blossoming pink to Red Fallen Seed
Silk and satin need
Opaline, obsidian
Crystal, golden- waisted,
Brother of Blue Skies Without Greed
Wade deeper into The Depths
Of My Beauty and Truth with me
While I weep
With You
For a very long while.
Son and Daughter, friends in my eternity
You are the ones I long for.
But Juno and Isis, I might miss you both
If I fail to dress you properly
Every Night of my future nights
Before me now and forever.
I bow to you as I type these words. Now, I shall retire
And offer myself
To You, naked to the bone
Within You
And through your every move.
My Darling Goddess of a thousand brilliant Lighted stars!
I am yours!
And I yours truly, my dear brother. As always, Isis.


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