Posted by: whiteagle | December 31, 2009


“Dear ones, your feminine qualities are needed this year. Much is going on. It is in delving into the hidden qualities each of you have to know what I and the Brotherhood are talking about. Call on the woman inside you. The goddess will help you to understand fully what we are trying to tell you. Be well. Use this gift wisely!” Here is a story to illustrate this cleverness you “foxy” ones should consider. Its about the little nuisences… “I have observed Fox closely, and found that she has a clever way of dealing with fleas: I have seen her grab a stick, then slowly submerges in the nearest river. As the water level rises, the fleas all climb onto the stick. When completely submerged, Fox lets go of the stick which floats away down river with its cargo of fleas! Get the picture, humans?”


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