Posted by: whiteagle | December 23, 2009

We are all Sky Dancers!

Hummingbird Medicine by TwoHawk Speaking for White Eagle.

Here’s Hummingbird’s Good Medicine for Life formula:  This medicine’s short in words for little and big  birds alike But quite strong, filled with a deep, profound meaning. I can say that proudly, although it’s not mine originally, It was given to me by My Creator.Its why I can last a long time beating my wings while searching for food, while dancing my song.I don’t sing my song, I’m too busy.  I can wing it instead!  (hee-hee) See, I am full already. A bed of laughter awaits me and my plump little wife tonight. Remember to simply laugh with joy from the very start. It belongs to every moment of every beating heart. Red is the only color every creed needs to see.  “Because every heart bleeds the same.”  Every mind needs reminding that the other colors of skin and feather often shed and are duller, too.  Not much attention should be paid to them.  All skin and feathers fall off eventually.  Only the stains of love and laughter  remain as a token of a life well-groomed by Creator God’s warriors, who maintain their positions with their Spiritual Family indefinitely.

Only Love and Laughter thereafter attain their Greatness.  Aho!


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