Posted by: whiteagle | December 21, 2009

Happy Solstice

Hi, Happy Winter Solstice!

Today is a remarkable day. For me, it is all about Starwalker, Stardancer, and Stargazer, plus Medicine Man, Birther, Weaver, and Wisdom Keeper, all because I meditated with White Eagle’s Medicine Wheel and of all the cards, my pick of seven gave these to tell me I am a Jupiter Son with seven rays emanating from me, to me and through me.

Therefore, I send you all Brightest Starlight–from Great Mystery to you and beyond.

I prayed today as I smudged my apartment, myself, my work and my total meaning for existing: SO THAT LOVE, TRUTH, WISDOM AND JOY shall be felt around the world as we speak.

We as stargazers are also sky dancers, as well as stardancers. This is our legacy, this is our gift, this is our purpose: To shine forever, keeping our place in the universe intact as we know with the help of The Ancestors and The Divine forces that watch over us, that WE CAN DO that and join in the chorus of Starlight Forever Unwinding.

A great day lies ahead, a new cycle, a turn of The Wheel towards the East. We get to pass GO (The Northstar-Earth line connection to our entry and our departure in the Great Circle of Life) without having to throw the dice this time beer only to re-enter and begin again at the next turn of the wheel, our new and upcoming Spring! Aho!

We are All Giving Birth to Each Other” -Anais Nin
“Not all of us are eagles, yet we all are sky dancers” -Dancing Dog to Willy TwoHawk.
“At night there are millions of galaxies. During the day there is the beauty of friends dancing at their wedding to each other.” -Rumi


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