Posted by: whiteagle | December 10, 2009

Thinking of My Beloved Celina


Dancing with Salmon dancing in the reflections on a leaf
Dancing with The Lions
Dancing with The Sea waves.
Dancing with Miracles, Ideas and Rememberings
Stopping for a moment to catch my breath……

Pondering these things un-ending me
I thought only of you dancing with me

Red with fire

Dancing blue riding with The Wind
Dancing silver rain at birth
Dancing with someone
As  golden as thee.
Dancing Ruby-throated Hummingbird,
I could feel butterflies dancing inside of me when I kissed you.

I saw in your eyes a bolt of lightning

Dance with a World at Peace striking war completely out of the picture.

I heard a Voice of Fire crackling over
Old ideas to set them free while your lips trembled.
Old wrappings and trappings the mind seems
Unable to step out of.

But Darling, all the locks and shackles have rusted through
And broken away from The Packages
Leaving The Heart free to bleed as it will.

It seems The Eternal Mystery Message manages to dance Around The Wounded Need, doesn’t it?

With so much singing to do I still hear a Voice in The Wind saying:

“I feel a genuine welcoming in my bones
Every time you come home to me.”  T’was a tree  speaking to a Meadowlark.

“Perhaps you never went away, after all I’ve said or done, or forgotten to tell you, the little bird said.
“The Dance of Love between us has no ending. dear, though I’ve flown away many times.
I always come back to you, don’t I?

The Choreographer who wrote down all the movements we worked so hard to express
Will be changing places. Soon he will become The Dancer on The Stage
And The Dancer will write the choreography this time

When the Lovers The Universe has chosen have entered

The Age of Ancient Dreams.

For I too am but a stone,

A Man-Maid-Mother-Mountain-Child-of-a-Thousand Valleys made of sod and loam.
Once I was fire, now I am Bone. Once I was Flesh, now I am Stone.
Born Of You, Before You and After You.
Now I have become you once more!
I am home with you again, now that I’ve said that!
Resting in your arms in your presence
Delightfully nestled
Between breasts full of milk, fully formed
Your Song still ringing in my ears, dancing in my pebbled heart
A comforting, a blessing, a Line Of Beautiful Memories
Never-ending, never needing The Refrain
That originally started me singing.

I know not how or why this happened for
I am crumbling softly into your bliss as I speak
The Whole World of Dancing seems to be at my feet
Dancing with you has left me spell-bound on the first round of the chorus.
Leaping forward, laughing long, joyfully dancing towards those smiling eyes
That still excite the throngs,
Those trembling yet smiling lips extending well beyond your shining face!
It is good to see you, My Beloved Angel, Goddess and Light!
It is good to be stream-dancing with you again!
Such Good Fun for you and me in this heavenly Starspace
When I see you and me shining as one!”  said Mona Lisa to Leonarda da Vinci

As they danced into A New Day together and sunk beneath the horizon line in his painting.)



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