Posted by: whiteagle | December 9, 2009

Here is a short film I made called C’mon Down to The River, with soundtrack made on my keyboard in my apartment.  Its all about relaxing INTO the beauty of MOTHER EARTH AT HER FINEST…A small stream in the Northwest basin of the Wind River called Bear Creek, which is in every vision I have.  Here is one of the many places I have been blessed to spend days, weeks and months.  A real On-going Vision Quest one could have in their own backyard, or along a city park where water runs gently by.

We always seem to want the dramatic and the spectacular, at least by Western standards to be able to “communicate deeply with Her, but She tells me in this little video that even the small and the simpllest lives in Nature can be just as dramatic, just as empowering, often more so than those that take your breath away.


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